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Announcing our relocation to a larger space!

Hey fans! FYI: We are relocating soon!
Located just 200 feet away at Suite 1148, our new location is soft-opening June 26th, and in celebration of our Grand Opening on July 1st, we are hosting a few raffles and having pizza!
Raffle Prizes Include:
•Atomic Mass Games’ new Star Wars – Shatterpoint Core Box!
•Casual Games Bundle – A bundle of board games including Marvel Splendor, Azul: Master Chocolatier, Unmatched: Battle of Legends – Vol 2, and Pandemic!
•Kickstarter – Choice of either Scarface 1920 – Mobster Pledge or Moonrakers – Titans!
•RPG Bundle – All you need to jumpstart your campaign with Wizkid’s Encounter in a box (Wagon Ambush & Prison Break), a Dragon Shield Player Companion accessory box and dice tray, a Dragon Shield spell card portfolio, an Ornate mystery metal dice set, an Adult blue shadow dragon mini, and a Critical Role – Monsters of Wildemount 1 minis set.
•Pokemon Bundle – A collection of giant oversized cards featuring Lugia V and Giratina V, a Scarlet & Violet Banner, and the Charizard Ultra Premium Collection!
Raffle Entry: Visit us on our Grand Opening, July 1st, for a free ticket, and get two tickets with any purchase that day! Make any purchase at our new location from June 26th to June 30th for a bonus ticket.
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