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Rent your favorite board game from our games library and play it in store.

Meeples and Beyond offers board game rentals where customers can borrow one of our board games to play at one of our tables in-store. Board games are to be played inside of our store during normal operating hours. This rental service does not allow for you to take the game home with you.

Rentals are $5 per game, to be paid when picking up the game to play. If the game you are searching for is currently in stock at our store, then this $5 is waived.

To begin, find a game you wish to rent from the list below, then fill out the form provided. Once you submit the form, we will be notified of your request and will reply to you via email or phone. Requests must allow for a 24-hour advance notice before your desired game is available to play, as we may need to transfer the game to our store.

While a game is being loaned to you, you will be responsible for the game. If any damage occurs or if pieces go missing, a fee may be assessed in order to replace the game at a value of up to the current retail price of the game.

Information shared through this form is only used to coordinate your rental and will not be used for marketing purposes or shared with 3rd parties.

Game Library

GamePlayer CountTimeComplexityBGG Rating
5 Minute Marvel2-55 Min1.146.8
7 Wonders - Architects2-725 Min1.337
A Game of Thrones - The Board Game3-6120-240 Min3.727.5
After the Empire2-460-120 Min3.147.5
America's Main Street1-510-20 Min16
Ankh - Gods of Egypt2-590 Min3.097.8
Anno - 18002-4120 Min3.157.8
Arkham Horror - Board Game1-8120-240 Min3.587.2
Arkham Horror - The Card Game1-260-120 Min3.538.1
Ascension Tactics - Miniatures Deckbuilding Game1-460 Min2.58.1
Azul2-430-45 Min1.767.8
Azul - Master Chocolatier2-430-45 Min1.758
Bad Company1-630 Min1.927.4
Bang! - The Dice Game3-815 Min1.286.9
Bardsung1-560-90 Min3.067.5
Baseball Highlights - The Dice Game1-420-45 Min1.757.1
Batman - The Dark Knight Ruturns - The Game1-290 Min3.217.8
BattleCON - Devestation of Indines1-545 Min3.097.8
Bitoku1-4120 Min3.737.9
Black Sonata130 Min2.067.5
Blood Rage2-460-90 Min2.877.9
Bloodborne - The Board Game1-445-75 Min3.047.8
Bloodborne - The Card Game3-530-45 Min2.066.9
Bonfire1-470-100 Min3.647.7
Boonlake1-480-150 Min3.87.7
Bora Bora2-460-120 Min3.737.6
Boss Monster - The Dungeon Building Card Game2-430 Min1.856.3
Boss Monster - The Next Level2-420-30 Min1.846.7
Brass - Lancashire2-460-120 Min3.868.2
Burncycle1-445-180 Min3.978
Calimala3-575 Min2.797.2
Camel Up2-820-30 Min1.487
Camp Pinetop1-560-75 Min2.57.3
Capone - The Business of Prohibition2-545-70 Min1.176.8
Captain Sonar2-845-60 Min2.187.5
Carpe Diem2-445-75 Min2.517.5
Cartographers Heroes1-9930-45 Min2.077.8
Cascadia1-430-45 Min1.848
Castles of Burgundy - Special Edition1-410-129 Min2.889.2
Catan3-460-120 Min2.37.1
Cats with Covid2-615-30 Min--8.5
Chai1-520-60 Min1.656.8
Champions of Midgard2-460-90 Min2.67.7
Citadels2-830-60 Min2.037.3
Civilization - A New Dawn2-460-120 Min3.167.3
Clank - In Space2-445-90 Min2.567.8
Clinic - Delux Edition1-460-150 Min47.6
Cloudspire1-490-180 Min4.358.2
CO2 - Second Chance1-460-120 Min4.087.6
Coffee Traders2-5120-150 Min4.237.7
Company of Heroes2-460-120 Min3.038.6
Cover Your Kingdom2-825-40 Min1.756.8
Crayne - Fractured Empire1-630-90 Min28.2
Creature Comforts1-545 Min2.357.5
Cthulhu - A Deck Building Game1-645-120 Min2.636.9
Cthulhu - Fluxx2-65-30 Min1.456.1
Cthulhu Wars Duel - Extinction220-30 Min2.57.2
D&D - Dungeon Scrawlers - Waterdeep2-415 Min1--
Danger Park2-445 Min2.56.4
Dark Souls - The Card Game1-490-120 Min3.136.5
Darkest Dungeon - The Board Game1-490-120 Min3.696.8
DC - Deck Building Game - Dark Nights Metal2-545-75 Min27.9
DC - Deck Building Game - Injustice2-460-90 Min28
Dead of Winter2-560-120 Min3.017.5
Deal With the Devil4120-150 Min3.637.1
Descent - Journeys in the Dark - Second Edition1-5120 Min3.217.6
Descent - Legends of the Dark1-4120-180 Min2.77.9
Destines1-390-150 Min1.97.8
Dice Hospital1-445-902.317.1
Dice Miner1-420-30 Min1.677.3
Dice Realms2-445-60 Min2.397.2
Dice Throne - Season Two - Cursed Pirate Vs Artificer220-40 Min2.77.9
Die in th Dungeon1-230-60 Min26.7
Dinosaur Island1-490-120 Min3.047.6
Dinosaur Island - Rawr and Write1-430-45 Min2.817.8
Dinosaur World2-460-120 Min3.267.4
Dominion2-430 Min2.357.6
Doom2-5120-180 Min37.4
Draftosaurus2-515 Min1.257.1
Duffers1-460-90 Min2.677
Dune - A Game of Conquest and Diplomacy2-420-60 Min2.686.8
Dune - Imperium1-460-120 Min3.038.4
Dungeon Doors3-630-60 Min--6.6
Dungeons And Dragons - Lords of Waterdeep2-560-120 Min2.457.7
Dwellings of Eldervale1-560-150 Min3.268.2
East India Companies2-490-120 Min2.947.5
Eclipse - Second Dawn for the Galaxy2-660-200 Min3.658.5
Egizia - Shifting Sands2-490 Min2.847.5
Elder Sign1-890 Min2.347
Embarcadero1-460-90 Min3.337.3
Enchanters1-430-60 Min27.6
Endless Winter - Paleoamericans1-460-120 Min3.297.8
Erune1-560-150 Min3.148.2
Escape Tales - Children of Wyrmwoods1-4450 Min2.457.2
Etherfields1-490-180 Min3.58
Euphoria260 Min27.6
Evil Dead 2 - The Board Game3-660 Min2.27
Evolution- Climate2-660 Min2.757.5
Expeditions - Ironclad Edition1-560-90 Min3.067.9
Fall of the Mountian King1-560-90 Min3.627.5
Fallout1-4120-180 Min3.016.9
Fallout Shelter - The Board Game2-460-90 Min2.017.2
Fantastic Factories1-545-60 Min2.227.5
Fast and Furious - Highway Heist2-460 Min2.577
Feast for Odin1-430-120 Min3.868.2
Final Girl - Series 1 Franchise Box120-602.578.4
Fire and Stone2-445-60 Min26.1
First Empires2-545-60 Min1.767
Flamecraft1-560 Min2.197.5
Flick of Faith2-415-40 MIn1.237.4
Folklore - The Affliction1-590-120 Min3.687.7
For Glory260-90 Min2.588.1
Forgotten Waters3-7120-240 Min2.117.9
Foundations of Rome2-460-90 Min1.998
Founders of Gloomhaven1-490-120 Min4.16.6
Frontier Wars2-430-120 Min2.77.6
Frostpunk - The Board Game1-4120-150 Min4.288.3
Funfair2-430-60 Min2.127.5
Furnace2-430-60 Min2.287.4
Gaia Project1-460-150 Min4.48.4
Galaxy Trucker2-460 Min2.337.4
Gathering of the Wicked6-1230 Min1.756.8
Geek Out! - Family2-9930 Min16
Get Bit3-620 Min1.126.1
Ginkgopolis1-545 MIn2.917.5
Gizmos2-440-50 Min2.017.4
Gloomhaven - Jaws of the Lion1-430-120 Min3.638.5
Gloomier - A Night at Hemlock Hall2-545-60 Min--7.2
Glow2-445 Min2.027
God of War - The Card Game1-490-180 Min2.526.6
Godtear - The Borderlands Starter Set260-120 Min37.7
Grand Austria Hotel2-460-120 Min3.227.9
Gray Eminence3-560-90 Min26.3
Great Western Trail - Second Edition1-475-150 Min3.738.4
Grind House2-620-30 Min16.7
Gutenberg1-460-120 Min2.717.4
Hallertau1-450-140 Min3.37.9
Hamlet - The Village Building Game1-425-100 Min2.926.9
Harry Potter - Hogwarts Battle2-430-60 Min2.077.4
Harry Potter - Strike Dice Game2-515 Min1.26.7
Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle - Defence Against the Dark Arts230-60 Min1.757.2
Heat - Pedal to the Metal1-630-60 Min2.188.1
Hero Quest2-590 Min2.147.2
Honey Buzz1-445-90 Min2.767.6
Hoplomachus - Victorum190 Min3.498.6
Horrified - American Monsters1-560 Min2.147.5
Hostage Negotiator120 Min2.026.8
Iki2-460-90 Min3.037.7
Illiterati1-530 Min2.117.5
Imaginarium2-590 Min2.917.1
Imperial Settlers1-445-90 Min2.777.3
In the Year of the Dragon2-576-100 Min3.097.3
In Too Deep1-590-120 Min3.57.5
ISS Vanguard1-490-120 Min3.638.7
It's a Wonderful World1-530-60 Min2.317.7
Jaipur230 Min1.477.5
Jamaica2-630-60 Min1.667.1
Juicy Fruits1-420-50 Min27.1
Jurassic World 1-490-150 Min3.187.3
Khora - Rise of an Empire2-475 Min2.757.5
King of Monster Island1-545-60 Min2.357.3
King of Tokyo2-630 Min1.497.1
Kingdom Builder - Big Box2-545 MIn2.337.6
Kingdomino Origins2-420-401.937.6
Kokopelli2-440-60 Min2.047.1
La Isla2-430-60 Min2.256.9
Last Aurora1-460-90 Min2.737.3
Last Will2-545-75 Min2.727.2
League of Infamy2-560-90 Min2.57.9
Legendary Encounters1-530-60 Min2.77.8
Libertalia - Winds of Galecrest1-645-60 Min2.127.5
Living Forest1-440 Min2.27.3
Lizard Wizard2-690-120 Min2.197.1
Lord of the Rings - The Card Game1-230-60 Min3.217.7
Lords of Hellas1-460-90 Min3.347.7
Lords of Ragnarok1-490-180 Min3.777.6
Lorenzo il Magnifico2-460-120 Min3.297.9
Lost Ruins of Arnak1-430-120 Min2.98.1
LOTR - Journeys in Middle Earth1-560-120 Min2.657.9
Luna Capitol1-445 Min2.247.2
Machina Arcana1-4150 Min3.337.4
Mage Knight - Board Game1-460-240 Min4.358.1
Maglev Metro1-460-90 Min2.797.3
Magnate - The First City1-560-120 Min3.37.6
Mandala220 Min1.817.5
Mansions of Madness1-5120-180 MIn2.678
Maquis130 min2.27.5
Marvel United1-440 Min1.827.6
Marvel United X-Men1-540 Min28.1
Marvel Villainous - Infinite Power2-440-80 Min2.76.8
Masters of the Universe - Clash for Eternia1-560 Min2.397.9
Maximum Apocalypse1-645-90 Min2.127.5
Meadow1-460-90 Min2.237.8
Mercado De Lisboa1-430-45 Min2.086.6
Merchants and Marauders2-4180 Min3.257.4
Merchants of the Dark Road1-460 120 Min3.27.4
Mice and Mystics1-460-90 Min2.727.2
MicroMacro - Crime City1-415-45 Min1.117.5
MicroMacro - Full House1-415-45 Min1.217.7
Millennium Blades2-580-120 Min3.667.7
Mists of Carcassonne1-535 Min2.077.4
Moonrakers1-560-120 Min2.437.8
Moonshine Empire1-445-90 Min2.566.9
MourneQuest1-460 Min2.256.7
Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden1-210-20 Min1.767.1
Munchkin3-660-120 Min1.815.9
My Little Scythe1-645-60 Min2.017.3
Mysterium2-742 Min1.97.2
Nemesis1-590-180 MIn3.448.3
Nemesis - Lockdown1-590-180 Min3.898.4
Nidavellir2-545 Min2.17.6
No Thank You, Evil!2-530 Min1.77.5
NorthGard2-545-90 MIn2.717.7
Oak1-460-90 Min3.097.2
Oath - Chronicles of Empire and Exile1-645-150 Min4.097.8
On the Rocks1-445-90 Min1.717
Orleans2-490 Min3.038.1
Overboss - A Boss Monster Adventure1-520-30 Min2.027.4
Paleo1-445-60 Min2.637.7
Parks1-530-60 Min2.147.7
Pathfinder - Mummy's Mask1-4120 Min2.867.9
Pathfinder - Rise of the Runelords1-490 Min2.727.2
Pergamon - Second Edition2-445 Min2.246.9
Plague Inc. - The Board Game1-460 Min2.157.4
Planet Apocalypse1-560-90 Min3.098
Point Salad2-615-30 Min1.157.2
Posthuman Saga1-430-120 Min3.387
Project Elite1-660 Min2.48
Psycho Killer2-615-30 Min27.1
Public Market2-445-90 Min2.927
Radlands220-40 Min2.267.9
Rajas of the Ganges2-445-75 Min2.897.7
Resident Evil - The Board Game1-460-90 Min2.638.6
Resident Evil 3 - The Board Game1-460-90 MIn2.48.1
Return to Darktower1-4100-120 Min2.648.3
Revive1-490-120 Min3.418.2
Rise of Tribes2-430-60 MIn2.187.1
Rising Sun3-590-120 Min3.37.8
Rival Restaurants2-645-60 Min2.237.6
Road Trippin2-9915-45 Min--7.1
Roll Player1-460-90 Min2.437.5
Root2-460-90 Min3.788.1
Saboteur - The Mother Lode Bonus Pack2-1230 Min1.87.2
San Juan2-445-60 Min2.297.2
Scarface - 19201-490-150 Min3.758
Scooby Doo! - Betrayal at Mystery Mountain3-525-50 Min1.796.7
Scythe 1-590-115 Min3.448.2
Sentinals of the Multiverse1-530-60 Min2.848.4
Shelfie Stacker1-420-40 Min2.067
Shogun - Big Box3-5120-150 Min3.318
Small World2-540-80 Min2.357.2
Smartphone Inc.1-560-90 Min2.757.6
Smash Up2-445 Min2.066.7
So, You've Been Eaten1-230 MIn26.8
Sovereign Skies1-430-60 Min2.137.1
Space Station - Phoenix2-460-120 Min3.027.4
Spartacus - A Game of Blood and Treachery3-4120-180 MIn2.737.5
Spirit Island1-490-120 Min4.068.4
Splendor - Marvel2-430 Min1.847.6
Star Wars - Imperial Assault1-560-120 Min3.38
Star Wars - Rebellion2-4180-240 Min3.748.4
Star Wars - The Deckbuilding Game230 Min2.018
Starcadia Quest2-460 Min2.717.4
Stars of Akarios1-430-120 Min2.888.2
Steampunk - Ralley Fusion2-845-60 Min2.777.4
Streets of Steel - Kickin Asphalt1-430-75 Min1.676.6
Stuffed Fables2-460-90 Min2.457.5
Summoner Wars - Second Edition240-60 Min2.598.2
Survive - Escape from Atlantis2-445-60 Min1.77.3
Sushi Boat2-530-75 Min27.1
Sword and Sorcery - Ancient Chronicles1-560-180 Min4.448.4
Tabannusi - Builders of Ur1-4120 Min3.877.4
Tag City2-420-30 Min1.676.8
Tainted Grail - The Fall of Avalon1-460-120 Min3.348.1
Tammany Hall3-590 Min2.787.3
Tanto Cuore2-445 Min2.166.9
Tapestry1-590-120 Min2.937.4
Terra Mystica2-560-150 Min3.978.1
Terraforming Mars1-5120 Min3.268.4
That TIme You Killed Me215-30 Min2.477.6
The Age of Atlantis1-490 Min3.387.4
The Battle of Five Armies290-240 Min3.597.9
The Castles of Tuscany2-445-60 Min2.217.2
The City of Kings1-445-180 Min3.27.5
The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim - The Adventure Game1-460-120 Min3.177.8
The Grand Carnival1-445-60 Min2.257.6
The Great Wall1-4120-180 Min3.877.9
The Hunger2-660 Min2.317.1
The Isle of Cats1-460-90 Min2.357.7
The Quacks of Quedlinburg2-445 Min1.957.8
The Ratcatcher - The Solo Adventure Game130-45 Min2.956.8
The Search for Planet X1-460-75 Min2.368
The Shivers2-545-90 Min1.87.1
The Thing - The Board Game1-860-90 Min2.967.7
This War of Mine - The Board Game1-645-120 Min3.37.8
Through the Ages - A Story of Civilization2-4120 Min4.177.9
Thunder Road - Vendetta2-445-75 Min2.118.1
Thunderstone Quest2-460-90 Min2.847.8
Ticket to Ride 2-530-60 Min1.837.4
Ticket to Ride - Europe2-530-60 Min1.927.5
Ticket to Ride - New York2-410-15 Min1.246.9
Tiny Epic - Dinosaurs1-430-60 Min2.627.3
Tiny Epic - Vikings1-445-60 Min2.737.5
Tiny Epic - Zombies1-530-45 Min2.487
Too Many Bones1-460-90 Min3.858.3
Too Many Bones - Unbreakable2180 Min--7
Transformers - Deck Building Game1-545-90 Min2.717
Transmissions1-445-60 Min2.077.3
Twilight - Inscription1-890-120 Min3.237.6
Tzolk'in - The Mayan Calendar2-490 Min3.677.9
Under Falling Skies120-40 Min2.397.7
Underwater Cities1-480-150 Min3.618.1
Unfair2-550-125 Min2.737.3
Unfathomable3-6120-240 Min3.067.6
Unmatched - Jurassic Park - Ingen vs Raptors220-40 Min1.968.1
Verdant1-545-60 Min2.067.4
Vinhos - Delux Edition1-460-135 Min4.028.1
Vinyl - Holiday Edition - Seasons Greetings2-430-45 Min--7.1
Wasteland Express - Delivery Service2-590-120 Min2.977.3
Wayfarers1-460-90 Min3.787.9
Weather Machine2-460-150 Min4.577.9
Whistle Mountian2-460-90 Min37.6
Windward1-530-90 Min2.327
Wingspan1-540-70 Min2.468.1
Wise Guys3-490 Min2.256.8
Wits and Wagers4-725 Min1.216.9
Wonderlands War2-545-125 Min38.1
X-Men - Mutant Insurrection1-660-120 Min2.176.7
Yggdrasil Chronicles1-590 Min37.4
Yosemite220 Min1.675.9
Yukon Airways1-460-90 Min2.777.3
Zombicide - Black Plague1-660-180 Min2.497.6
Zombicide - Gear UP1-630 Min1.87.2
Zu Tiles - Hime - Starter Set 12-425-50 Min1.57.5
Leaf1-430-45 Min2.38
Stardew Valley - The Board Game1-445-200 Min2.727.4
Catapult Feud220-30 Min1.117.1